WARNING: This product contains nicotine.Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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About Us

ZQ is a vapor brand affiliated to SKEY. By creating the ZQ, we are committed to meet vapers various demands along with the ever changing vaping market. With ZQ, we have sincere focus to offer people a safe and harm-reduction vaping life - cater to the demands of anyone who is interested in vaping. We understand that these demands are different from everyone, so we strive to make products that can fit all types of vapers - starters or veterans.

Achievements have been made for years, however none of this is accomplished by chance, SKEY has a professional product R&D team as well as a strict quality control system to ensure the best in product quality, and we are not doing it alone, Eigate constantly works with oversea designers and researchers to develop new products that bring users the best and most healthy alternatives to tobacco. Years that SKEY has been established for witnessed the outstanding prominence of this very young group.
And today SKEY is ready to explore the deep-inner unknown vaping world.